Family Mediation London

Family Mediation London
Are you looking for the best family mediation? London is a diverse cosmopolitan city and if you are looking for experienced and qualified lawyer or counsellor family mediators, then Prime Time Family Restoration Service can help you reduce the emotional and financial cost of separation.
Our mediators are all accredited and meet the highest qualifications achievable in England and Wales. This is not the case for most mediation providers in the UK. Established in 2010, we are also a not for profit organisation and our work is borne out of a passion to see families be the best they can be and relationships restored between family members. Evidence from Her Hajesty’s Court Services suggests that agreements reached between you as family members work better than court imposed orders.

Family mediation
When finding family mediation, London offers everything! So it is well worth taking the time to look for mediators that are competent. Our mediators are not only highly accredited but will have had many years of experience in practice as a lawyer or counsellor before becoming mediators. We help people to find peace by emphasising the principles of forgiveness and agape love. Indeed the end of a matter is better than its beginning. Deciding to focus on the future gives everyone hope that the dust will finally settle and every member of the family can begin to enjoy peace as quickly as possible.

As well as helping you with agreeing weekly child arrangements, we specialise in divorce settlements (also known as ancillary relief), international child removal and child maintenance negotiations. We offer free legal aid for mediation to families on a low income and have an income related fee scale for providing family mediation in London to those not eligible for legal aid. Simply speak with any of our advisers on 0300 265 2700 to find out more about Family Restoration Services. Also visit the Family Mediation Council website for more information about how mediation in England and Wales is governed and the stardards to look for:

So remember, when finding family mediation, London offers Prime Time Family Restoration Service; key to helping children succeed by helping restore healthier family relationships.

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